GST on SQL Accounting

1. Setup

How to setup software for GST?

2. Maintain Tax

How to maintain tax?

3. Stock Tax

How to set stock tax codes?

4. Customer GST

How to assign tax code to customer and supplier?

5. Tax Invoice

What are the compulsory information to display in tax invoice?

6. GST-03

This guide shows how to process GST return and generate GST-03 report.

7. GST-03 Drill Down

How to drill down GST-03 details?

8. GAF

How to print GAF report?

10. Inclusive GST Cents

This is how inclusive GST cents are handled in SQL Accounting.

11a. Input & Output Tax Ledger Report

This is how you generate and print input & output tax ledger report.

11b. Tax Code in Chart of Account

This is how tax code is entered into Chart of Account.

13. Delivery Order 21 Days Rules

This is how delivery order 21 days rules is implemented in SQL Accounting.

14a. 21 Days Rules Deposit

This is how 21 days rules deposit is implemented in SQL Accounting.

14b. Refundable & Non-Refundable Deposit

This is how you can enter refundable and non-refundable deposit in SQL Accounting.

15.16.17 Bad Debt Relief Recover

This is how bad debt relief recover is implemented in SQL Accounting.

20. Gift Deemed Supplies

This is how deemed supplies work in SQL Accounting.